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Community Education

We offer free classes and workshops about brain health, memory concerns, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, research updates and more. Classes are also offered in Spanish, Chinese and other languages.

Calendar of Events

Class topics include:

  • Lost Memories: Video & Discussion

  • Dementia Friends

  • Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s: Let’s Talk!

  • Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Family Caregiver Workshops:

  • Savvy Caregiver / Cuidando con respeto (Spanish)

  • Savvy Caregiver Express

  • Making Home Safe for a Person with Alzheimer’s

  • Are they doing that to annoy us? Behaviors and Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Communication & Dementia – Connecting with a person with memory loss

  • Down Syndrome & Alzheimer’s Disease

Educational Materials

We maintain a variety of educational materials (brochures, videos, audiotapes, and books) on topics related to Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

To request educational materials or for information about our library, call us at 844.HELP.ALZ (844.435.7259)